Upcoming Dates

June 7-July 1 Summer Session One

July 5-29 Summer Session Two

Thursday, August 5th, 4:00-6:00 PM Open House

Monday, August 9 School Begins

Monday, September 6 Labor Day Holiday (no school)

Tuesday, October 26, 6:00-7:30 PM Fall Carnival

Friday, November 5, 2021 Professional Development (no school)

Monday Nov. 22-26 Thanksgiving Holidays (no school)

Monday, December 20-31 Christmas Holidays  (no school)

Monday, January 17 MLK Holiday (no school for students)

Tuesday, March 8 Family Fun Night

Monday, March 14-18 Spring Break (no school)

Thursday, April 14 Easter Bonnet Parade

Friday, April 15 Good Friday Holiday (no school)

Tuesday, May 24 Graduation

Thursday, May 26 Last Day – Close at noon, Staff stays until 3

Bolded Dates: Preschool closed

*In the case of inclement weather or unforeseen natural disasters, we will follow the schedule of the Henderson Independent School District.


FUMC Preschool began in the fall of 1969, with one kindergarten class and one class of combined 3 & 4 year olds. As we begin our 49th year, we are proud to have expanded to over 120 children, ages 3 months to 4 years old. Under the leadership of outstanding staff and board members we continue the tradition of excellence to provide a loving and Christian atmosphere for your child to grow, learn, and achieve the skills they need to succeed in their future school career and life. The preschool operates with a board of trustees who determine and administer the policies of the preschool as set forth in its Bylaws. The board has an open-door policy, and welcomes comments, concerns, issues and ideas through an open forum. The board normally meets once a month.


First United Methodist Preschool is committed to providing a quality program for our young children by:

  • providing an opportunity for preschool children to live, work and play together in a friendly, happy, Christian atmosphere; where there is cooperative, democratic living; where there are opportunities for the children to gain new skills and appreciation, form good habits, and learn to be responsible members of a group.enriching the children’s lives as they are guided daily by teachers who are keenly aware of the many opportunities to interpret religiously the everyday experiences of the children.
  • assisting First United Methodist Church of Henderson in its responsibility to the community in giving Christian training.
  • helping parents in the understanding of the developmental tasks of children, and in the development of Christian homes which will nurture the children in the Christian faith.


Preschool Goals

  • To promote health, physical growth, and motor development
  • To promote language skills
  • To increase independence in meeting and solving problems
  • To promote expression through art, music, and dance
  • To build self-esteem
  • To provide daily living experiences
  • To help children observe, investigate, seek and acquire information to make choices
  • To experience the Christian values and faith that our church community offers

Organizational Structure

The preschool is an integral part of First United Methodist Church of Henderson. As a part of the church’s Education Ministries, it is a non-profit extension of the ministry of the church.

The highest standards of quality care and education are upheld in the preschool program. The program is open to children of all creeds, races, and ethnic groups dependent only on the program availability and space.

The director is an employee of the preschool, cooperating with the staff of the church. The director supervises and controls the business and affairs of the preschool. The facilities of the church such as the library, kitchen, parlor, Great Hall, sanctuary, etc., are available through scheduling. The maintaining of the preschool facilities is the responsibility of the church. All preschool facilities are shared with other programs of the church.

The preschool is a Texas non-profit corporation.

The preschool operates with a board of trustees who determine and administer the policies of the preschool as set forth in its Bylaws.


The preschool is licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. All guidelines are outlined in the Childcare Minimum Standards. A copy of this document is on file in the office and is available to all parents. It is required that each staff member review this manual as a part of the employee orientation process.

The preschool is responsible to a licensing representative who visits on a regular basis (1-2 times a year). Any cited violations are posted for the public as specified in the compliance report. The license from the state is also on display in the preschool hallway.

FUMC Preschool holds a day care license. A day care is defined as a “child care facility that provides care less than 24-hours per day for more than 12 children under the age of 14.” The preschool is licensed for 120 children.