Sunday School Classes

Sunday mornings at FUMC find many of us in our Adult Center, enjoying various Sunday School classes. No matter where you are in life, we have a group of people who can relate!

All classes meet at 10 a.m. each Sunday.

  • Young Adult Class

    Singles and couples in their 20's, 30's & 40's learning practical ways to apply scripture and Christian principles to their lives - Third floor

  • AGAPE Class

    Young adults ages 25-45 This class features short-term Bible studies with discussion playing a vital part in the lesson - Third floor

  • Eugene Cragg Class

    Adults, all ages - Members lead discussion of the weekly material from the ILBS series - Second floor

  • A.D. Lemons Class

    Adults, ages 45-70 The Lemons class uses Bible studies and current topics that reflect the interest of the group - Third floor

  • Men's Class

    Men of all ages – This class focuses on short - term studies with guest teachers – 2nd floor

  • PALS Class

    Adults ages 65 and up – This is a lecture class using the ILBS series - Second floor