Who We Are

Partnering with God to make faithful followers of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

As followers of Jesus Christ in the United Methodist tradition our focus is on faithfully knowing and serving God.

We see ourselves as working alongside God in mission and ministry. The work we are called to do is God’s work. This work compels us to care for the needs of one another as well as those of our community.

We see ourselves on a journey to grow in our relationship with Jesus, and to encourage others to grow as well through worship, Bible studies, outreach ministries, service, and fellowship.

We see ourselves as compassionate to help others experience the life changing love and presence of Jesus through involvement in our community: Henderson Interchurch Ministry; back pack and mentoring programs to elementary students; Vacation Bible School outside of our walls; and other service oriented ministries.

We invite you to see yourself as part of a fellowship of believers who love our Lord and care for one another.

Grace & Peace,

David Luckert, Senior Pastor